Medieval Saints, Warriors and Knights

Baby Saint Francis SculptureDesign Toscano is known for its spiritually created religious outdoor statues from many major faiths.  In the Christian faith we have many statues of the Madonna and the various saints depicting various times in their lives.  One intriguing statue is the Baby St. Francis Sculpture.  This unusual statue is one of our exclusives and done by artist Carlos Bronti.  He has captured St. Francis as a young boy, dressed in monastery robes and as always surrounded by animals.  Look for this item and many others in our GARDEN SALE.

Medieval and Gothic themes are very popular for both indoor and outdoor décor and we have a great collection of these items including knight statues and warrior swords and shields.  A popular piece for any Medieval Shields Silk Tieindoor space is the Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Shield.  The shield is cast in designer resin and hand painted with a green background on which a Celtic cross is emblazoned in faux metallic finish.

Gifts will soon be on everyone’s mind as the traditional December gift giving season draws close and closer.  We have many wonderful medieval and gargoyle gifts for your friends and relatives that take a fancy to that period of history.  For a gentleman who is intrigued by medieval times, what better gift than the Medieval Shields Silk Tie.  This lovely tie is graced with several of the shields from the medieval time which are all very colorful and authentic.

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