Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which Gothic Décor is the Fairest of Them All?

The Dordogne MirrorGothic decorations might not be everyone's cup of tea but even people who would prefer religious outdoor statues have to admit that a lot of Gothic decor looks just downright stunning. The thing about Gothic items is that many pieces are replicas of decor that were used in Europe during the Middle Ages and thus harbor a certain degree of romanticism. Suits of armor can remind us of dragons, chivalry, and heroes. Gothic tables make us and our guests feel like kings and queens as we sit down at them to enjoy platters of roasted turkey and duck. Gothic chairs and other excellent replicas of antique furniture are simply beautiful, functional works of art and that reflects the purpose of the original items.

The woodcarvers who made them were artists and masters of their trade. While they had to create items for nobility and the rich, being commissioned to make that chair or table also gave them a chance to show off their skills. That trend continued on into the eighteenth century and is demonstrated by items like the stunning Dordogne Mirror and Princess Caroline Vanity Table. Whether you feel like talking into these beautiful mirrors or not, both are fit for a queen.

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