Mischievous Garden Fairies

There are ups and downs to having a garden inhabited by fairies. According to folklore, the upside is that Sling Garden Pixie Sculpturethey can help your garden grow. They use their magic to give flowers the brightest of colors and fill vegetable patches with produce. However, those benefits don't come without a price. Fairies have to be treated with respect and provided with small gifts or they demonstrate their disappointment by sabotaging the garden and focusing on mischief.

In keeping with fairy folklore, we offer fairy statues that show their mischievous side. Pixies in particular are said to be fairies that would rather cause problems and play practical jokes than weed the garden. Stretch, the Garden Pixie laughs with glee as it leans forward to surprise your guests with a cold, wet frog. Its mischief is only matched by that of its partner in crime, Sling, the Garden Pixie. This fairy is clearly up to no good as it carefully aims its slingshot at your window, the nose of your favorite stone garden angel, or pet dog.

Both of these enchanting sculptures portray the mischievous nature of pixies with artistic detail. Their long, pointed ears, peaked hats, sinewy muscled appearance, and intelligent faces will make you wonder if these statues might just come alive on a midsummer's eve.

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