Greenmen Stool and Dragon Table

The Greenman FootstoolWe have many unique Design Toscano exclusive décor pieces and some of the most intriguing items are in our greenmen collection.  Most of our greenmen like to live in trees and many in the outdoors, but one piece brings the trees into the living room or den.  This is The Greenmen Footstool which has a faux mahogany finish and is carved with great medieval faces of the greenmen with four clawed feet. This comfortable footstool will fit in any room.

Our Gothic tables never fail to surprise and then become the most favorite item in your home.  Only you would have a Subservient Dragon Glass-Topped Sculptural Table in your home and why not.  This table is highlighted by a yard tall, cheerful dragon and he is serving drinks to you and your friends on a  3/8 inch thick glass top.

Even though they love the garden, not all of our garden statue gnomes are gardeners, we have some regal looking ones also.  One of those is the Black Forest Elf Garden Statue Gnome.  This distinguished looking fellow has no small amount of magic surrounding him as he marches through the Black Forest.  He wears the traditional long white beard of the gnomes and also sports their red hat, but he has magic symbols on his tunic and a long staff.

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