Music in Sculpture

Music from Heaven Angel StatueThe sculpture that we carry at Design Toscano is of so many styles and types that you can combine several different types from marble statues to wonderful wall sculpture to achieve a theme of your own.  If your theme might be music we have some wonderful items to suggest in that area.  We have a beautiful stone garden angel that performs music on your lawn (not literally).  The Music From Heaven Angel Statue is a very detailed sculpture of a lovely angel playing a full sized harp.  This is a great addition to any yard, particularly if music is your theme.

For something totally different, our Basil Street Gallery has many different items for both indoor and outdoor décor.  Following the music theme, there is the magnificent yet fragile Danseuse D'Egypte Mirrored Statue.  This lovely sensual dancer is done in replica ebony and gold and has struck a dramatic pose which is more so due to the mirror behind her reflecting her move.
Our Greenmen offerings are always something different from the talking trees to the wall sculpture that smiles or makes faces and intrigues everyone. 

For our final entry into the music theme we have the Vappa Italian-style Wall Sculpture which shows  an Italian style head with flowing locks and the expression that looks like they are singing.  Musical all the way.

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