Mystical and Magical Animal Garden Sculptures

Animal garden statues can take the form of familiar farm animals, cute creatures like bunnies and songbirds, or wildlife that roam the African plains. Each of these types of animal statues has its place and purpose as do statues of magical, mythical creatures. The habitats of those Mystical Unicorn of Avalon Sculptureenchanting creatures are typically found in novels and movies of the fantasy genre but they can also find homes in any type of backyard.

Bring the Unicorn to life with the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon Statue. This prize sculpture showcases the beauty and mystical nature of the Unicorn with realistic details. Guests will do a double take when they glimpse this lifelike statue and you might even start to wonder if it comes to life on moonlit summer nights. Complement its magic with the Enchanting Unicorn Sculpture, a beautiful, dreamy statue of a young Unicorn rearing up on its hind legs.

No display of mythical beasts is complete without a dragon statue. Rather like the antithesis of the Unicorn, the dragon is a magical creature that is best avoided. Get the Stoker's Moors Dragon Skull Sculpture to surprise guests with a realistic depiction of a dragon skull in the flowerbed and a demonstration of your dragon slaying prowess.

Find these unique, enchanting sculptures and hundreds of fantastic garden statuary items at Design Toscano today.

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