Mystical and Prehistoric

Gigantic Dinosaur Bone SculptureThere have been at least two television series and more than one movie this year concerning the time of King Arthur.  This rise in interest has made our knight statues more popular than ever.  We always want to bring you what you are looking for and now in the King Arthur Avalon theme we have the Mystical Unicorn of Avalon Sculpture.  This wonderful example of our animal sculpture shows all his musculature and lies on the ground at one yard long.  This exclusive unicorn has a marvelous horn and is perfect for the garden.

We like to do statues and other sculpture in a big way for the outside as we have done so successfully with our bigfoot garden statue.  What child or adult would not want to visit your yard if you had a Gigantic Dinosaur Bone Sculpture there.  This Design Toscano Exclusive sculpture is of a huge dinosaur bone and lies over three and a half feet long.  You'll be the first in the neighborhood to have one.

You know we have large animal sculptures that are wonderfully made, like our outdoor elephant statues, but did you know we have prehistoric animals as well.  These were probably not sculpted from life, but are still very lifelike and fun.  One of the largest is Boris the Brontosaurus Garden Dinosaur Statue, who is seven feet tall and obviously will stand out in any garden.  Take at look at Boris and our other large outdoor creatures.

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