Need Unusual Décor? It's Design Toscano To The Rescue!

Aurora and Hespera: Sculptural Greenmen Wall MasksWhen it comes to unique décor, no one can top Design Toscano for its variety and the unique nature of its many statues and ornaments.  A wall mask is a very interesting thing with which to decorate and in our greenmen collection we have a few, one set of which is very compelling. That is the Aurora and Hespera: Sculptural Greenmen Wall Masks which signify the dawn (Aurora) and the dusk (Hespera).  These delicate leaf shaped masks with very detailed features were originally done in silver, but now we are able to present them in a more affordable, but no less attractive resin.

A table does not need to be a boring piece of wood with four legs you can liven up your rooms with some of our unconventional Egyptian tables.  The Royal Golden Bastet Egyptian Side Table has a base of three golden images of the Egyptian goddess of joy, Bastet, which is a cat like figure.  Above this base  is an 18 inch round glass table top with plenty of room for drinks, food, or a small lamp.  This will be a conversation piece.

Design Toscano is happy to present as many knight statues as we are able since the medieval theme is so popular today.  One of these wonderful statues is not only a decorative piece, but functional as well.  That is The Black Knight Fireplace Tool Ensemble which carries a shovel, broom and poker for your fireplace use and a halberd to protect everyone.

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