New, Adorable Canine Animal Garden Statues

Long-Haired Collie Dog StatueIn our quest for the finest in decor for the backyard and interior of home and office, we commission artists to create a wide variety of items. The animal kingdom always works an an excellent source of inspiration so we get new animal garden sculptures on a regular basis. Some of those statues are funny, others stun with incredible realism, and then there are the statues that will melt your heart with simple, endearing beauty.

Anyone who has ever been the owner of a Collie will be head over heals with the Long-Haired Collie Dog Statue. This beautiful, realistic animal yard statue captures the bright, intelligent eyes of a Collie that is absolutely loyal to its owner. This fine statue will find an important place in the home of any lover of everything canine.

If a statue of a Collie doesn't seem adorable enough, it's hard to find anything that isn't adorable with the Golden Labrador Retriever Dog Statue. The realism in this statue must be seen to be believed! It shows the loving, puppy dog eyes of a beautiful Golden Lab that is always ready and willing to please its family.

Find these and other realistic, adorable animal statues at Design Toscano.


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