New Garden Statuary for Archeologists at Heart

How many people get the chance to truly follow their dreams? When we are kids, one of the biggest questions is, "What do you want to be when you grow up"? Some of the most common answers are "firefighter", "police officer", or "nurse". Those answers probably have something to do with the uniforms Grand Megalithic Olmec Head Statuerather than the actual job but as kids get older, the answer becomes more refined and can be influenced by movies and personal experiences. Some of the movies that inspired a whole generation of kids are the "Indiana Jones" films.

Like a modern, swashbuckling hero, Indiana Jones confronted a cornucopia of dangers to keep artifacts out of the hands of evil-doers. He is the archeologist hero and thousands of young people wanted to be just like him. Needless to say, although archeologists can have adventures, the field is far more tedious and bereft of danger than the movies imply. Like any academic field, it's also highly competitive and few people actually end up following their dreams to become archeologists. However, even if you followed another career, you can still express your love of archeology with the Grand Megalithic Olmec Head Statue from Design Toscano. Modeled after one of the original Olmec head sculptures from Veracruz, Mexico, this objet d'art is so realistic that neighbors will wonder if you might be an Indiana Jones in disguise.

Get 15% off this new arrival as well as new Egyptian art and new garden fairies when you buy them from now until Thursday, May 17th!

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