New Garden Statuary to Liven up a Spring Barbeque

The Gator Gourmet StatueWith warm weather on the way, it's time to bring the grill out of storage and infuse your backyard with the aromas of barbeque ribs, grilled chicken, and marinated kabobs. Host a Spring barbeque and invite neighbors, family, and friends to celebrate the end of winter. It will also be the perfect occasion for displaying your favorite animal garden statues and other backyard decor. Make sure to clean off the statuary left outside during the winter months and dust off those items that were put into storage. You might also want to surprise old friends and guests with new Spring items from Design Toscano.

There are dozens of fantastic sculptures to choose from but for a barbecue, you can't go wrong with the Gator Gourmet Statue. This two foot tall resin sculpture is a backyard chef's best assistant. Standing on its hind legs, the gourmet gator waits for a snack with an open, toothy grin and is ready for gastronomic action with a knife and fork in hand. It also sports a red neckerchief to keep the barbecue sauce off of its green, scaly hide. It's perfect for any Cajun-themed party and is also at home in the kitchen.

Get the Gourmet Gator and other new Spring animal garden sculptures from Design Toscano today.

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