Not Sure Which Gifts to Buy? Check Out the Basil Street Gallery!

It's that time of year again when we have to shop for presents and have no idea what to get! It would The Sultans Elephant Sculptural Side Tableprobably be better if our family and friends could just post a list of possible gift items than having us go on an annual quest to find the gifts that they might appreciate. This year, instead of pulling your hair in frustration, save yourself time and money by shopping at Basil Street. To get to Basil Street, you don't need to go any further than the link on our website to this fantastic selection of unique decor and objets d'art.

At Basil Street, you will find everything from beautiful furniture to stunning wall art. Family and friends who have a penchant for sculptural furniture will love the Entwined Mermaids Floor Lamp and the Sultan's Elephant Sculptural Side Table. Both are functional works of art that will provide any room with a fantastic, unique touch.

For people who enjoy religious art, try giving the Saint Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze. Modeled after a seventeenth century painting by Guido Reni, this sculpted work of art depicts the famous archangel triumphing over the master of evil.

If by some chance, you don't find fitting gift items in our Basil Street collection, you might find that special gift among our wide selection of animal garden statues and Medieval home decor.

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