Ornate and Beautiful Gothic Décor Items

Gothic decorations are typically majestic. Gothic sculptures and art are inspired by the fantasy and horror genres as well as decor that graced the halls, walls, and turrets of Medieval castles, keeps, and Victorian mansions. The result of this dark combination are beautiful Gothic "The Dragon of Kingsbridge Manor" Pedimentsculptures and art that lends an exciting antique character to garden and home. By nature most Gothic decor is ornate, detailed, and simply stunning. That blend of ornate beauty is particularly demonstrated  by the Skull and Sword Gothic Wall Sculpture. Aficionados of the fantasy genre will be captivated by this striking wall decor that features a fanged, demon skull that has been spiked with a barbaric, branded sword. Red and orange flaming wings add further Gothic character to this striking sculpture.

No Gothic-themed room or home would be complete without its fair share of dragon sculptures. Decorate your favorite room with the The Dragon of Kingsbridge Manor Pediment to combine the legendary strength and intimidating personality of a dragon with the noble beauty of a wall pediment. This striking wall decor is based on a legendary Medieval battle between a knight and a dragon. After a fiery and heated struggle, the Knight of Kingsbridge emerged victorious and mounted the head, claws, and wings of the dragon above an hearth in his keep. This magnificent decor will give both home and business a fantastic Medieval touch.

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