Outdoor Elephants and Rainy Day Gnomes

Raised Expectations Elephant Wall SculptureDesign Toscano has many beautiful outdoor elephant statues, some wonderfully sculpted like the lucky elephant with his trunk held high and some that can be used as tables or chairs.  One of the most unusual is the Raised Expectations Elephant Wall Sculpture depicting three elephants with tusks raising their trunks coming out of a garden wall.  This would great in a space with an African theme.

Our adorable garden statues gnomes are always doing something in the garden, but every day is not a sunny day so our gnomes have to seek Rodin’s The Cathedrasome shelter from the rain.  This adorable statue is called Rainy Day Gnomes: Under an Umbrella Garden Statue and shows a man and a lady gnome, each with their red hats, and he with his long white beard, seeking shelter under an umbrella.  This cute statue would look great in any flower garden.

In our marble busts for sale section we have many sculptures by our artists and also some wonderful reproductions of famous pieces of sculpture.  Our replica of Rodin’s The Cathedral is done in quality foundry iron casting of the “hands of love” and is on a solid black marble base for a very classic look.

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