Outdoor Garden Water Fountains Can Also Be Fine Wall Decorations

House of York Lion Sculptural FountainThe sound of falling water ranks among the most popular of natural soundscapes. When you listen to the gentle bubbling laughter of water in a stream or fountain, it's easy to imagine why ancient cultures believed such places to be the abodes of beautiful nymphs and water deities. Primeval, soothing and meditative, the eternal sounds of water are excellent, easy therapy for cleansing the mind of worries. For this reason, the garden acts as a perfect place for hosting a pond or a fountain. Blend the cleansing function of a fountain with a beautiful sculpture and it becomes a  fantastic backyard centerpiece. Nevertheless, fountains for the backyard don't have to be put in the middle of a Koi pond, nor do they need to be placed on the ground.

There are also fountains that can be hung on walls and they bring a unique, powerful look to any backyard that hosts them. Take for example the House of York Lion Sculptural Fountain. Over three feet in height, this beautiful objet d'art will dominate walls in the garden and the home. Its beautiful sculpted details depict roses, cherubs, and the fierce head of a lion that lords over a big, shell catch basin. However, stocks of this unique fountain sculpture are going fast so buy one today before they sell out!

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