Outdoor Planters

Flower gardens are wonderful nicely planted in a batch or border around the yard, but flowers in an outdoor planter look great in the summer too.  In our greenmen collection, we have many unique and sometimes bizarre items, but the French Greenmen Wall Sculpture Set is lovely on a corner with colorful flowers growing out the top.  The cute little greenmen faces give it a certain charm and feel of summer.

Pancho the Burro Planter SculptureAnimal sculpture is always popular as people love the lifelike artistry on our statues.  The Meerkat statue is always fun, but Meerkats don't carry plants.  A cute animal that will carry your plants is Pancho the Burro Planter Sculpture.  Pancho carries plants in baskets on both sides and is so cute wearing his little bronze hat.

Design Toscano has many large outdoor sculptures like our large Buddha statue and other large animals and décor.  We also have a great large planter that will blend in nicely with large décor which is the Chateau Elaine Authentic Iron Urn.  This urn holds a nice array of flowering plants and is also at a great sale price right now.  This is the time to get a great large planter.


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