Save 20% on These Beautiful Asian Garden Statues

Serene Mira Bai SculptureThese are great days to get new statues for the garden because all of our garden sculptures are on sale. Since Asian statues are included, this is the perfect time to change the decorating theme to one that includes beautiful Asian sculptures like the Serene Mira Bai Sculpture. This elegant statue of an Indian saint is a wonderful, serene addition to any backyard, especially when placed next to a peaceful, bubbling fountain.

Happy Asian statues are also on sale, and few sculptures match the good cheer of the Jolly Hotei Buddha Statue. This happy Buddha welcomes all garden guests with a big smile and belly just waiting to be rubbed for good luck. You can also rub his ear lobes for wisdom and the gold ingots in his upraised hands for wealth.

The "Asian Dragon of the Great Wall" Statue is another wonderful addition to the garden. This impressive, scaled dragon is modeled after serpentine, mystical dragons that decorate the grounds of many an Asian temple and palace. This exquisite dragon lends an exotic look to any backyard with fine details and a beautiful verdigris bronze finish. Pair it with The Nara Temple: Asian Garden Pagoda Sculpture for additional savings on fine decor.

Buy these and other garden statuary in our collection by April 17th and enjoy 20% off.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Write About Favorite Garden Statuary and Win a $200 Gift Certificate

Golden Retriever Puppy Dog StatueDo you have a favorite garden statue? We know that we have a lot of favorites and we love to talk about them. If you like to talk about your favorite resin garden statues, then it should be easy to pick out one of those sculptures to write something about it. Tell us us how the statue looks in your garden, what you like about it, or how it could be improved, and you will be entered into a drawing for a $200 gift certificate!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is write a review of any item from our collection accompanied by a photo, and submit the review before April 21st, 2015. For more chances at winning, write reviews of all of your Design Toscano items, and Tweet and/or Instagram a review with "#designtoscano" in the post.t.

Although you can write about any decor from our collection that you like, it might be easier to talk about adorable animal garden sculptures like the Golden Retriever Puppy Dog Statue, and classic sculptures like the Lion of Florence Sentinel Statue and Base.

Write a review and send a photo of one of your favorite Design Toscano garden statues and have a chance at winning a $200 gift certificate.

This contest cannot be combined with other offers and ends on April 21st, 2015.

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20% Off Spectacular Garden Statues

Giant Buddha Garden SculptureSome garden statues are cute, others are funny, and some resin garden statues are nothing less than spectacular. Such sculptures capture the attention and admiration of garden guests with realistic features, and powerful, dramatic appearances. They also tend to be large in size and the Giant, Buddha Monument-Sized Garden Sculpture is no exception. This large, seated Buddha is reminiscent of Buddha statues that grace many an Asian temple and garden. Every guest to your garden will be impressed by the tranquil presence of this carefully crafted sculpture.

We also have several spectacular angel statues, including the Angeli di Luce Statue. This beautiful angel is directly cast from a 19th century statue found in an Italian cathedral. Like those beautiful antique originals, this impressive angel has the same, majestic, otherworldly look. Get a set of these angels and pair them with the "Queen of Angels, Guardian of Children" Statue to boost the spectacular appearance of a big backyard or hotel garden.

Bronze sculptures are also ideal for highlighting the yard with spectacular decor. The Trotting Thoroughbred Horse Cast Bronze Garden Statue is carefully crafted in the traditional lost-wax bronze method to create a realistic, heirloom-quality item. Showcase the beauty of this centerpiece statue by putting it on display in the middle of the yard.

Enjoy 20% off any of our garden statuary until April 17th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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New Egyptian Art to Decorate with a Touch of Class

Golden Bastet of Ancient EgyptWhen we look for new decor, we don't want average, forgettable items. Decor like that either never makes it out of storage or is taken down and replaced as soon as possible. Preferred decor includes items that give a room just the right touch of class, fills a place with personality, and makes us want to stay there and enjoy our surroundings. The exquisite, unique nature of Egyptian decor accomplishes all of the above and more with classic, ancient Egyptian style, and striking gold and jet hues highlighted with carnelian red and lapis blue.

The Golden Bastet of Ancient Egypt Statue is a classic golden depiction of the ancient Egyptian protector of women and giver of joy. This two foot tall statue is a wonderful sculpture for anyone who loves cats and appreciates the art of the ancient world. This beautiful statue pairs well with any of our Egyptian items including such striking decor as the Masks of Ancient Egypt Wall Sculptures, and the Royal Egyptian Relief in Tomb of Vizier Ramose. Both of these wall decor items lend a striking, unique touch to any home or place of business. Put them on display in rooms that could use a touch of elegant, ancient class.

Find the best selection of beautiful Egyptian decorations for great prices at Design Toscano.

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Animal Garden Statues from the Forest

Catch of the DayMany of the most interesting animals live in forest environments. Charismatic animals like Giant Pandas and Tigers live in the dense forests of eastern Asia. The misty, tall temperate zone rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are home to bears, deer, and (according to some people) Sasquatch. Hike in a tropical rainforest and you might see monkeys, exotic birds, and other jungle wildlife. No matter which forest you visit, you are bound to see an animal or two, and many of those forest animals look wonderful as animal garden sculptures.

In the backyard, statues of forest wildlife can make a wild, dramatic statement, and pay homage to the photogenic animals that live in national parks, national forests, and other wilderness areas. They remind us that majestic, wild creatures still exist in a modernized, industrial world, and encourage us to head into the wilds to see them. The Catch of the Day Grand Bear Sculpture surprises garden guests with its fine details and realism. Just like the real bears in Alaska, this brawny bruin loves to catch salmon from a pristine stream.

A touch of mystery can be added to this wild scene in the form of Bigfoot, the Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture. Both of these wild sculptures also look great when shown with the Big Rack Buck Deer Statue and the beautiful "American Mountain Cougar" Statue.

Find the best resin garden statues for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Beautiful, Unique Candlesticks at Design Toscano

Woven Orb CandlestickDecor comes in many forms, including items that provide lighting. Although modern lighting can include a combination of track lighting, sculptural lamps, and windows, classic lighting comes in the form of candles. Before the advent of gas lights and the light bulb, people used candles in many parts of the globe for more than two thousand years. During that time, candlesticks became just as important as candles, and were often crafted as veritable works of art. The art of the candlestick continues to this day and we are proud to feature several beautiful, artistic candleholders in our selection of New Arrivals.

The Woven Orb 18" Candlestick combines antique faux silver with organic curves for a contemporary, classy look. This beautiful candleholder makes an elegant statement in any home and looks even better when paired with the Woven Orb 9" Candlestick and the Woven Orb 13" Candlestick. Put them on a mantel, to provide romantic lighting for special dinners, and to illuminate rooms with elegance and charm.

The Stone Column 24" Candleholder also lends a unique touch to any room in the house. This classy decor is finished with color-washed faux stone to give it a weathered, antique look. Pair it with the Stone Column 28" Candleholder or the Fluted 20" Candleholder.

Browse our collection for the best selection of resin garden statues and unique decor.

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Unique, New Outdoor Garden Water Fountains at Design Toscano

Pelican's Seashore RoostA fountain is a fantastic addition for any garden. The beautiful combination of art and falling water can put the crowning touch on a fine display of garden decor, and lends a soothing, peaceful look to the backyard. Garden fountains come in many forms and we love them all but today, we would like to showcase a few of the latest additions to our collection.

The "Pelican's Seashore Roost" Sculptural Fountain pays homage to the shore with a combination of a white pelican, weathered pilings, and an old anchor. This unique fountain is the perfect complement to a garden statuary display with a maritime theme, and looks perfect when placed next to the pool.

Fountains can also work well with Gothic decor, especially when the fountain in question features a dragon. "The Viper Dragon" Sculptural Fountain does just that by merit of a sculpted, bat-winged dragon that spits water into a dark cistern. This unique decor also comes with a LED light kit to highlight its mysterious appearance on warm summer nights.

We also have new fountains that fall into the "adorable" category. One such new addition is "The Puppy Pail Pour" Garden Fountain. This lovely fountain blends super cute animal statues with the beauty of falling water for an endearing addition to the yard.

Find the best selection of garden fountains, animal garden statues, and other high quality decor for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Sculptural Plinths as Garden Statuary

Grande Laurel Sculptural Plinth BaseHigh quality, classic garden statues look fantastic on their own but they look much better when they are given a place to stand on. The ancient Greeks and Romans realized this and is why they placed most of their sculptures on top of columns or plinths. These sculpted bases elevate fine sculptures to proper heights, help them stand out as centerpiece decor, and also add an extra, classic touch. Although any of the beautiful garden sculptures in our collection are fit to stand on their own, like the ancient Greeks and Romans, we also believe that such fine decor looks even better when placed on top of a classic plinth or elegant column.

Several sculptural plinths grace our collection including such classics as the Grande Laurel Sculptural Plinth Base and the Versailles Cherub Plinth. Both of these plinths are modeled after classic decor seen in museums and at the palace of Versailles. Use them to showcase any of your favorite sculptures, including magnificent angels like the Grand Cathedral Angel Sculpture.

The Rococo Sculptural Plinth can also be used to give a favorite sculpture a classic flourish. This beautiful plinth works especially well with statues of angels and the Lighting the Heavens Grande Cherub Sentinel Statue. We also have medium and large Classic Statuary Plinth Bases to fit all of your classic garden sculptures.

Find the best selection of columns, plinths, and classic resin garden statues at Design Toscano.

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Tell Us What You Think and You Could Win!

Hanging MonkeyWe love collecting unique garden statues and other decor. We also love talking about decor and hearing what others have to say about the unique decor in our collection. In fact, that feedback is so important to us that on April 24th, 2015, we are giving away a $200 gift certificate to a lucky person who submits a review and photo of their latest Design Toscano purchase.

To enter, take a picture of that angel statue, animal yard statue, or other recent purchase and send us the photo along with a review. To have more chances at winning, send in a review and photo for each of your decor items purchased from our collection. As a bonus, you will also be entered into the drawing every time you Tweet and/or Instagram a review with "#designtoscano" in the post!

If this is your first review, don't worry, it's much easier than you think. You can write about the virtues of your favorite garden sculpture, the effect that the Hanging Jungle Monkey Statue has on garden guests, or the soothing sounds made by the beautiful  Resting Grace Angel Garden Fountain.

Write a review accompanied by a photo of your latest garden statuary or other item from Design Toscano to have a chance at winning a $200 gift certificate.

This contest ends on April 21st, 2015.

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Final Day for 20% Savings on Design Toscano Accents and Gifts

Spiraled Solid Marble ColumnToday is the last day to enjoy 20% savings on any of our Accents and Gifts. Browse this collection today to find great savings on exquisite gifts, objets d'art, and unique interior decorations for the home and office. Our Bottochino Spiraled Solid Marble Column showcases the natural beauty and elegance of this classic sculpting medium. Use this stunning marble column to showcase a favorite statue or as stand-out decor on its own.

You can also save on a wide variety of sculptural lamps and other unique lighting options. The Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue is one of several elegant art-deco items in our collection. This and other beautiful art-deco lamps lend a classic look to any room. If the room in question could use a larger lamp, you can also enjoy savings on the Electra, Maiden of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp. This antique replica of a 19th century French sculpture is a beautiful, artistic means of providing any room with soft light.

As befits any collection of gift items, we also have a nice selection of unique ties. These aren't any old ties either but unique, beautiful silk ties like the Knights in Armor 100% Silk Tie and the Ancient Greece Silk Tie.

Take 20% off any of the beautiful items in our collection of accents and gifts when purchased today, April 6th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Take 20% off New Accents and Gifts at Design Toscano

Lord Nelson Brass Telescope Solid Hardwood Walking StickSearching for unique, high quality interior decor and exquisite gifts can be a time-consuming process. As we go from store to store, it seems like each place has the same selection of average, everyday items, and when we finally come across high quality pieces, they end up costing a lot more than the gift-giving budget allows. It's tempting to just give up and pick out an average gift but why do that when you can pay less for fantastic, unique accents and gift items?

Our collection of exquisite accents and other unique items is an ideal place to look for the best in interior decor and special gifts. Buy any of those exquisite items today or tomorrow, April 6th, and you can also take 20% off. Even the newest additions to our collection are on sale including the Lord Nelson Brass Telescope Solid Hardwood Walking Stick. This collectible lends Victorian charm and atmosphere to a library, reading room, or den.

Do you know a special birthday girl with a penchant for Gothic decor and the fantasy genre? She will appreciate the Skull Slipper Gothic Girly Girl Catchall Sculpture and you will enjoy 20% savings when buying this unique item by April 6th. Pair it with the Gothic Steampunk Metal Table Clock for more savings.

Enjoy a 20% discount on any of our accents and gift items until tomorrow, April 6th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Save 20% on Unique Jewelry at Design Toscano

Stones of Isis Egyptian NecklaceAlthough we love to collect the best in garden statuary and fine, antique replica furniture, we also enjoy exquisite accents and unique gift items. Browse our collection of accents and gifts and you will also find unique necklaces, earrings, and other eye-catching jewelry items. Our Egyptian-themed jewelry includes stunning pieces like the Stones of Isis Contemporary Egyptian Necklace and Earring Ensemble. This ensemble features vibrant blue, faux lapis-lazuli set in geometric, silver-colored metal for mesmerizing results.

We also have other beautiful Egyptian jewelry ensembles in our collection including the splendid Hathor, Egyptian Goddess of Love Pendant and Earrings Ensemble, and the striking Serket, Egyptian Goddess of Scorpions Pendant and Earrings Ensemble.

We also have a number of fine Gothic jewelry. The Rose of Passion Gothic Earrings feature carefully crafted, black pewter earrings with a blood-red drip crystal at the base. These dark and beautiful personal decorations are crafted for our collection by the master pewter artisans at Alchemy in Sheffield, England. Wear them at the most special of Gothic occasions and pair them with the equally stunning Passion Gothic Choker by Alchemy Jewelry. Continue the 20% savings with the striking Skullduggery Goth Necklace and Earring Ensemble, and the "Winged Rapture" Goth Angel Pendant and Earring Ensemble.

Enjoy a 20% discount on the accents and gift items at Design Toscano until April 6th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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20% Off Beautiful Accents and Gifts at Design Toscano

Eiffel Tower TelephoneStarting today, April 3rd, all of the accents and gift items at Design Toscano are on sale! From today until April 6th, take 20% off unique decor like The Eiffel Tower Telephone and the cute Lace and Lard, Madame Pig Statue. These high quality accents lend a lovely, unique look to a home or place of business, and pair well with another fine accent item also on sale, the Gotham Steampunk Metal Table Clock.

The 20% discount on fine decor also makes this sale an excellent time to buy gifts for birthdays, parties, and events for the rest of the year. Save on unique, beautiful illuminated decor such as the Elegant Slumber Art Deco Illuminated Sculpture, and lovely objets d'art like the Gardens Treasures Faberge Style Enameled Eggs. Both of these unique gifts will be appreciated by anyone with a taste for fine, creative decor.

A wide variety of lovely gift items can also be found in our collection of best-selling accents and gifts. Save on amazing Gothic decor like the Marshgate Castle Dragon Sculptural Electrical Wall Sconce, and the classy Hyde Park Authentic Garden Armillary Sphere. While looking for gifts, why not also reward yourself with 20% savings on the fantastic Amelie Architectural Steel garden Gazebo?

Enjoy 20% off any of our accents and gift items until April 6th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Lovely Bronze Garden Statuary for Spring

Pan, Green God of the ForestThe new, warm days of spring are back and the pleasant weather is cause for celebration. We love to mark these wonderful spring days with more time outdoors, and getting our gardens ready for summer. New decor is an important part of that process and can include quaint signs to welcome garden guests, beautiful animal garden sculptures, and other fine items. Bronze garden sculptures can also be used to give the garden a classic look in the form of heirloom quality statuary.

We have a wide variety of beautiful bronze sculptures in our collection, including classics like Pan, Greek God of the Forest Sculpture, and such modern pieces as the Fish Wish Fisherboy Cast Bronze Garden Statue. Both of these sculptures are cast in the traditional lost wax bronze method and lend a lovely, timeless look to any yard. Pan can also be used as a fine indoor sculpture, and the Fisherboy looks perfect when placed next to a backyard pond.

The "Can I Keep Him?" Girl and Dog Cast Bronze Garden Statue is another lovely addition for the garden. This heart-warming sculpture will be admired by all of your garden guests, and looks wonderful when used as centerpiece decor.

Find the best selection of bronze garden statues and other fine decor for home, garden, and office at Design Toscano.

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One More Day for 25% Off Design Toscano Decor!

Brussels Library Bergere ChairNo April Foolin'! Our 25% discount flash sale has been extended for one more day. Buy any of the beautiful items in our collection today and you can still take 25% off. Take advantage of this big discount to save big on exquisite furniture, stunning Egyptian decor, high quality animal garden statues, and much more.

Even new furniture items are on sale, including the gorgeous Brussels Library Bergere Chair. Hand-carved from solid mahogany, this beautiful antique replica is upholstered with maroon and gold brocade, and features barley twist legs. Sit back and relax in this fine chair to enjoy a favorite book in classy comfort. Pair it with the Acadia Barley Twist Gothic Buffet for more savings on high quality antique replica furniture.

All of our Egyptian art is also on sale including fine pieces like the Wings of Horus Egyptian Altar Side Table. This artistic, sculptural table is carefully painted in the beautiful, bright colors of the ancient Egyptian palette, and makes a fine statement in any room. It also pairs well with one of the most stunning furniture works of art in our collection, the luxurious Cleopatra Neoclassical Chaise

Buy any of our garden statues and other fine decor by today, April 1st, and enjoy a 25% discount!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Favorite Gargoyle Figurines at Design Toscano

Nike of SamothraceWe love to collect unique garden statuary. Whether a sculpture is a detailed, beautiful replica of a classic statue (like the Nike of Samothrace) or puts a face on your favorite tree (see the Whispering Wilhelm Tree Ent Sculpture), we love to add beautiful items like these to our collection. Exquisite gargoyles also make it into our collection, some of which are immediate favorites. The following are a few of those favorite gargoyle sculptures:

  • Emmett the Gargoyle Sculpture: Emmett might be the littlest gargoyle on the block but he is also one of the most popular. This cute, shy gargoyle captures everyone's attention with his demure, yet classic appearance.


  • The Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Statue, Historic Direct Casting: The spectacular, Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame is home to the most famous gargoyles on the planet. One of those classic creatures is the "Spitting Gargoyle". This famous sculpture shows its contempt for unwelcome visitors by sticking its tongue out as it gets ready to spit on them. Thanks to special permission from the French Ministry of Architecture, we were able to make a direct cast of this most classic of gargoyles.


Save on a wide variety of dragons, gargoyle statues, and other unique decor at Design Toscano.

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Visit the Basil Street Gallery for Beautiful Asian Decor

Forbidden City Asian Console TableThere comes a time when everyone needs new decor. The occasion might be a new place of residence, holiday, hosting an event, or just because the home needs a new look. Whether that new look involves a complete home make-over, or a few new items for the living room, you might want to consider Asian-themed decor. High quality Asian decorations lend the home a classy, exotic touch, and the best place to find beautiful, affordable Asian-themed statues, wall decor, and art is at Basil Street.

We reserve space in our Basil Street collection for the most elegant of sculptures, objets d'art, and other unique items for home and business. Browse our Asian gallery to find classy, artistic furniture like the "Forbidden City" Asian Console Table. Modeled after fine, 17th century Ming dynasty furniture, this solid hardwood console table makes an elegant statement in any home. This work of art looks especially nice when used for displaying other Asian gallery items like the Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Sculpture.

Browse our Asian gallery and you will also find breathtaking wall decor items like the mesmerizing Tibetan Sculptural Dragon Wall Mask and the stunning "Bali Lotus" Sculptural Wall Frieze. These Asian-themed pieces will make an impression on every client or house guest, and are just two of several fantastic wall decor works of art in our Asian gallery.

Find the best selection of fine decor for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Colorful New Garden Statuary for Spring and Summer

Gertie the English Flower FairyWinter is bereft of color compared to other times of the year. Other than the bright red, green, and gold of the holiday season, and occasional birds at the feeder, a winter backyard is mostly painted in a natural blend of black, gray, and white. All of that changes in spring. As the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, new, green blades of grass come out of the ground, trees sprout colorful buds and flowers, and beautiful tulips make their appearance. As we move into May and June, we also see the vibrant colors of vegetables, a backyard pond, and flowerbeds.

It's a beautiful time to be outside and we have several new resin garden statues to complement the fresh colors in the backyard. "Gertie, the English Flower Fairy" Statue is a lovely little Victorian fairy statue painted in the soft colors of spring. Put this beautiful statue next to your favorite flowerbed for an enchanting, classic look.

The "Kiss and Tell, Lover Gnomes" Statue is another colorful addition for the yard. With lovebirds at their feet and cute caps coming together in the shape of a heart, these gnomes lend a romantic look to any backyard. They also give the yard a touch of humor with hidden flowers held by one gnome and an iron frying pan clutched by the other.

Find the best selection of beautiful, new garden statues for the best prices at Design Toscano.

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Last Day to Enjoy a 20% Discount on Sale Garden Statues

Windblown SculptureMarch is coming to a close and so is our discount on any of the sale items in our collection. As the month of March comes to an end, take advantage of this sale to save big on beautiful statues for April and the hot days of summer. This sale makes it possible to find great savings on a variety of high quality statues because you can take an extra 20% off fine decor that is already available for great, low prices.

For example, save on the Windblown Sculpture, a beautiful replica of a celebrated piece done by a 19th century award-winning French artist. The fine details and flowing lines of this mesmerizing sculpture lend a dramatic, life-like touch to the yard. Pair it with Hemera, the Goddess of Daylight Statue for more savings on fine sculptures for the backyard or a place of business.

Functional garden statuary is also on sale including the French Greenmen Wall Sculptures Le Printemps and L'Etoile. Put flowers on display with these fine sculptures to add a bit of natural color to the walls of your garden and home. Buy and save on the Grand Lion of St. John' Square Sculptural Bench to admire all of your new wall decor and garden statue collection.

Buy any of our on sale resin garden statues and other items by today, March 27th, and enjoy 20% off.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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Take an Extra 20% off These Beautiful Resin Garden Statues

Mombasa, the Garden GiraffeThere are several differences between shopping at a big box store for garden decor and at an online site that specializes in high quality garden statuary. One of the biggest differences can be seen in the decor that is on sale. Buy those on sale sculptures at a big box store and you usually end up with cheap decor both in terms of price and quality. However, buy discounted garden statues from Design Toscano and you get the same, unique, high quality decor as always but at a lower price than normal. Buy those unique on sale statues today and tomorrow, and you can also take an extra 20% off for amazing bargains on beautiful sculptures.

For example, you can save big on stunning animal garden sculptures like Mombasa, the Garden Giraffe Statue. This grand scale decor stands close to eight feet in height and is carefully crafted to look just like a young giraffe.

You can also save on one of the most beautiful angels in our collection, the In God's Grace Angel Statue. This lovely sculpture lends an endearing, peaceful touch to any backyard. Pair it with the Balancing a Dream Cherub Garden Statue for more savings on fine garden decor.

Enjoy a 20% discount on these lovely sculptures and any of the on sale items at Design Toscano until March 27th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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