Painted Elephants, a Buddha Bust and a Bank

Many of our customers are elephant collectors and want to have all things elephant in their yards, like our outdoor elephant statues, and in parts of their homes, like our elephant sculpture.  An item that would be a great gift for any elephant collector is our Painted Pachyderms African Elephants Statues: Medium and Large.  What makes these statues so special is not the sculpting (although that is beautiful), it is the African tribal colors that have been hand painted onto each piece.  The medium elephant is 11 ½” tall and the large pachyderm is 16 ½” tall; they can be bought separately or as a set.

Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural BustSculptures of the Buddha, such as our large Buddha statue, are crafted with such spirituality by our talented artists that they create a haven of peace in your home or garden.  One such piece that can sit anywhere indoors or out is the Sukhothai Buddha Asian Sculptural Bust which is over two feet tall.  The artist has recreated this Sri Lankan Buddha in a finely detailed bust of designer resin upon which he has placed a verdigris finish. This would be perfect for a yoga room.

Everyone is beginning to think about the upcoming gift giving season and if you are looking for an intriguing gift at a wonderful price you need to browse our marble busts for sale collection.  For any friend, coworker or relative that is an Anglophile the British Post Box Bank Statue would make a great “Secret Santa” gift.  This small yet detailed replica of a British post box stands 8” tall and is a bank.  It is hand painted in bright red with faux gold trimming, pefect for anyone who collects all things from the UK.

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