Part of a Painting’s Beauty is Found in the Frame

Paintings are a wonderful art format. They depict images, people, and scenes that can be thought-The Night Raven Sings Canvas Replica Paintingprovoking, provide glimpses into the past, and let us look into the mind of the artist. For these reasons, paintings are a type of decor that fits into any decorating theme. Highlight your Egyptian home decor with an Egyptian-themed painting. Decorate the walls with canvas painting replicas such as "The Night Raven Sings" or "The Beguiling of Merlin"  to accentuate the gargoyle figurines in your Gothic-themed home. Paintings can also be used round out rooms decorated with Asian-themed decor such as Japanese garden statues.

Frames for paintings are a work of art all on their own. The next time you go to an art museum, take a close look at the frames that surround the paintings on display. Most of the frames used to showcase older works of art are carefully carved antiques. Many are gilded with gold or silver paint and were made by masters of the frame-making craft. Such craftsmanship hasn't been lost and is in fact still used to make the frames that display paintings offered by Design Toscano.

Beautiful, quality frames are an essential part of any painting. Buy framed works of art from February 22nd to February 27th and get 25% off the regular price!

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