Peacock Statues and Egyptian Art

A great place to browse for many gallery quality items is our Basil Street Gallery; here we have things in various decors from furniture to artwork.  One lovely item is The Peacock Sanctuary Sculpture which is a foot and a half tall peacock perching on a plinth.  As with so many of our pieces, this peacock is marvelously hand painted in all imaginable colors.

Three Heads of Tutankhamen Sculptural Glass-Topped TableDesign Toscano has many types of Egyptian art from paintings to statues to wonderful bas relief pieces.  One such piece is the Egyptian Grand-Scale Ceremonial Wall Sculpture.  This four foot wall sculpture features Egyptian figures and hieroglyphs and is a beautifully carved, hand painted piece of art.  It is cast in designer resin and is very colorful with a faux gold finish.

Still in the Egyptian theme, you need to browse our exceptional collection of Egyptian tables, in every shape and size, that will find an exquisite spot in your home.  One of our glass-topped tables is the Three Heads of Tutankhamen Sculptural Glass-Topped Table, which is now on sale. The base of this table is a decorative bowl with three sculptures of the head of the young king Tutankhamen sculpted in exceptional detail and hand painted.  The table is 19” tall and has a glass top so that the beauty of the sculpture can shine through.

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Name: Tammy
Time: Friday, April 20, 2012

Looking for a 3ft. peacock statue

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