Penguins, The Modern Animal Yard Statue

Positively Penguins SculptureAnimals have been used as inspiration for art since the stone age. Although the types of animals that have been portrayed in paintings and sculptural form have changed over the years, artists still hope to capture their expression of natural, wild beauty. One type of animal that has become a popular subject of animated films, documentaries, and other art forms in recent times is the penguin. Penguins lend themselves to being one of the more popular animals because they have such a unique, striking appearance. Although they are definitely birds, these flightless animals seem to be in a category of their own. They zip through the cold waters of the southern hemisphere on flipper-like wings, have a peculiar waddling gait on seemingly legless feet, and look as if they are wearing tuxedoes.

It's hard not to like these dapper, aquatic birds and even more so when you put a statue of them in the garden. The Positively Penguins sculpture captures the strong bond between parent and baby penguin with realistic details and bold, hand-painted colors. The yellow feathers in the crest of the very realistic Rockhopper Penguin statue shows why penguins look like living works of art.

Whether you put these statues by the pool or next to the back door, these beautiful animal garden sculptures will make a statement in any backyard.

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