Recreate the Egyptian Era for 20% Off!

If you love the royal look of the golden Egyptian era, you are not alone.  This design theme is Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Pedestal Statuemaking a comeback in a huge way.  Before you begin your Egyptian home decor design however, keep in mind that simple goes a long way when it comes to getting just the right Egyptian look.  You can add a few key pieces to any room and create an Egyptian theme this way, or simply add some accent pieces throughout the home to make the same statement.  Before you begin, here are some suggestions to get your inspiration on!

Egyptian tables are not only a great way to get started on creating the Egyptian era, they also make for very elegant conversation pieces.  Something as stunning as our Royal Egyptian Cheetahs Sculptural Glass-Topped Console will change the look of an entire room.
If accent pieces are more your style, Egyptian decorations come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to work as the perfect accessory in any home.  This stunning Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Pedestal Statue will be all you need to turn one room into an Egyptian abode.

As stunning and regal as these pieces are, they don’t come with a royal budget either. 

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