Relaxing Resin Garden Statues

The backyard should always be a place where you can escape to when you need some time away from the stress of everyday life. Whether you use the backyard to grow vegetables or to enjoy a private swim, decorate it the right way and it can act as your own personal sanctuary. Although suitable decor varies by preference and taste, most people will agree that the following three garden statuary items will promote peace and relaxation for just about any garden:Bright Waters Otters Garden Fountain Sculpture

  • The Bright Waters Otters Sculptural Fountain: This functional work of art combines the peaceful sounds of flowing water with the natural beauty of rocks and curious Otters. The lights in this soothing fountain add a further touch of beauty to this impressive sculpture.
  • The Holy Family Sculpture: This beautiful statue follows the 15th century style of portraying Jesus, Mary, and Joseph with a combination of elegance and mysticism. This type of statue was and is still is commonly seen in European cathedrals, in the backyards of Tuscan estates, and other places that are used as sanctuaries of one sort or another.
  •  Nature's Baby Peaceful Garden Nap Statue: This endearing sculpture is so relaxing that it might act as inspiration for taking a nap. Nestle this adorable garden statue in a patch of flowers or put it right outside the back door.

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