Religious Statues of All Types

St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden StatueDesign Toscano is known for its varied collection of religious outdoor statues from many different faiths and beliefs.  Our line of Christian statues is second to none and a great favorite is the wonderful St. Francis Feeds the Animals Garden Statue.  The patron saint of Italy is sculpted surrounded by deer and rabbits and is holding a bowl from which to feed them.  The artist created the feeling of love and caring on the aspect of his face and he is wearing the robes of a monk.

Many people with large outdoor space have long admired our larger religious statues such as the large Buddha statue which, as big as he is can cast a feeling of peace throughout the entire area.  Another similarly large statue is the Easter Island Ahu Akivi Moai Monolith Statue: Giant which everyone will recognize at first glance.  This statue is 6 ft. tall and is a replica of the renderings of King Moai from Easter Island in 380 A.D. cast in designer resin and covered with a faux stone finish. 

Weeping Angel Wall PedimentWe have a large inspirational collection of stone garden angel which have always been very popular and some of which you might have seen in your neighborhood.  A slightly different, yet incredibly sensitive rendering of an angel is the Weeping Angel Wall Pediment replicated from a 19th century English antique piece.  The angel appears to be saddened and her head is bowed onto the top of a vessel with her vestments carved in great detail.  The wings are creating protection over her and the entire sculpture resonates of serenity and caring.

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