Resin Garden Statues and Decor for People Who Like Motorcycles

"Axle Grease, the Biker Gnome" StatueMotorcycles might be categorized as vehicles but as every Harley fan knows, they are definitely in a category of their own. These modern-day, motorized horses represent freedom and the joy and excitement of hitting the open road for just about anyone who rides them. When you sit on a motorcycle and start it up, it rumbles to life and feels more than ready to take you right to the horizon. Given the wild and frequently rough symbolism associated with motorcycles, it seems impossible that decor for garden and home could ever be associated with them. However, anything is possible when it comes to the unique decor offered by the imaginative folks at Design Toscano.

If you love the romance and excitement of motorcycles, you are also going to love the look of "Axle Grease, the Biker Gnome". Unlike other gnomes who are busy working in the flowerbeds, relaxing on a mushroom, or greeting your guests with friendly smiles, Axle Grease is ready for adventure on the open road! Axle sits astride his trusty steel steed with a bottle in hand, Ink Slinger Skull Tattoo on his arm, and leather duds.

Once Axle is put on display in the garden, you can follow up with the Bone Chillin' Skeleton Motorcycle Statue for the inside of your home. This unique collectible blends Gothic decor and motorcycles with eye-catching results!

Save 20% on these unique items, garden statuary, and everything on the Design Toscano site from today until May 27th as part of our Memorial Day sale!

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

Comments for Resin Garden Statues and Decor for People Who Like Motorcycles

Name: Quin Trent
Time: Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now these are they type of resin garden statues that my husband would love to have. He has always been obsessed with motorcycles and being able to get statues that we could put in our home's garden that he will enjoy. It will be a lot better for him to be able to enjoy the garden as much as I do.

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