Resin Garden Statues for an Autumn Garden

Mandrake the Tree Ent StatueFall is finally here and it's an exciting time of the year. A new school year starts, the weather gradually changes from warm and humid to crisp, fresh, and cool, and football season kicks off with a blast. It's also a time to make changes in the garden. In autumn, we eventually have to ready the garden for harsh winter weather but in the meantime, we can decorate it to match the beauty and excitement of the fall. Halloween decor is part of that decorating theme and when high quality resin garden statues are used, the backyard can become the spookiest Halloween display in town. Creepy zombie statues like the Zombie of Montclaire Moors and the truly frightening Creeper from the Grave Statue will help turn your backyard into the Halloween hit of the town.

However, fall decor isn't only about Halloween. Unique statues such as the Nature's Wanderer Sculpture also provide a charming magical touch to a yard naturally decorated with a carpet of fallen leaves. Pair this wandering wizard with Mandrake the Tree Ent and he will look right at home in your backyard.

The changing weather also makes autumn a great time of the year to put up a weather vane. Put the Windblown Wicked Witch on the roof to keep with the spooky spirit of Halloween or go for a majestic copper Triumphant Angel to give your home a gleaming copper crown.

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