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Renenutet Egyptian Cobra Goddess Glass-Topped TableTables can act as works of art and nothing might indicate this better than Egyptian revival furniture. The style and beauty of Egyptian art works wonderfully on furniture because it can be incorporated into sculpted table legs, columns, table supports, and the table top itself. Examples include beautiful statues of Egyptian servants and deities that hold up a glass table top or tables decorated with bas-relief sculptures.

One of the most interesting pieces of Egyptian furniture is the glass-topped Reneutet Egyptian Cobra Goddess table. To the ancient Egyptians, the cobra was seen as a sign of protection, so it was often used to represent Reneutet, the Goddess that Protects. As she rears up to show her hood, this cobra also reveals a beautiful underbelly colored with faux lapis, onyx, gold, and carnelian. The rest of her scaled likeness is faux gold and she makes for a stunning, unique side table in any room.

The Temple of Khafre Ornamental side table is a beautiful designer resin table that depicts Anubis, temple priests, and hieroglyphs with stunning effect. Hand-painted in faux gold and silver, it is named after (and does justice to) Khafre, the legendary builder of the huge pyramids and other Egyptian monuments.

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