Save 20% on New Fantastic Replica Paintings from Design Toscano

Self Portrait of Vincent van GoghInterior decor comes in many forms, including functional items like sculptural lamps, indoor statues, and other works of art. Paintings are one of the most classic forms of decor for the interior of home and business, and many of us strive to decorate the walls of our homes with beautiful, classic works of art. At the same time, unless you happen to have enough funds to collect art that can cost tens of thousands of dollars per item, the cost for authentic, antique paintings is a bit more than our budgets can allow.

Fortunately, the much lower cost of high quality replica paintings makes it possible to display a variety of classical paintings on the walls of your home. A high quality canvas replica of a Self Portrait of Vincent van Gogh pays homage to one of the greatest painters in history. This classy decor is displayed in a beautiful frame and makes a distinguished statement in a home or place of business.

Canvas replicas of works by Monet such as the beautiful In the Woods at Giverny: With Hosched Sisters are also available as well as dozens of other fine replica paintings. A home could even be decorated with a fantastic replica of Fra Angelico's Madonna of Humility as well as other high quality paintings. 

Enjoy a 20% discount on these unique items and other new arrivals until today, August 20th.

This sale cannot be combined with other offers.

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