Save 20% on Tortoise Statues until February 14th!

The tortoise is such an interesting creature. These reptiles have been steadfastly plodding their way around warm climates for millions of years. In many cultures they represent wisdom and longevity. Although tortoises don't appear to be particularly intelligent compared to other animals, they certainly live a long, long time. In fact, some species of tortoises have lived for over 200 years and are thus believed to be the longest-lived animals on Earth.

Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron StatueHarmless, curious, and a sight to behold, tortoises are held in high regard by many people and are believed to bring good fortune to whomever crosses paths with these slow-moving reptiles. Although most folks don't have live tortoises entering into their backyards, they can substitute the real thing for detailed garden tortoise statuary. The tranquil Garden Tortoise looks so real that guests will be tempted to reach down and pet it (and many will do just that!). You can also get a bigger version of this animal yard statue to make an even bigger impression on visitors to the backyard.

If you would prefer a cast iron statue of a tortoise for the backyard, try the Aesop's Turtle statue. No matter which tortoise decoration you decide upon, you will get 20% off the regular price on it, other animal garden statues, and everything else on the Design Toscano site until February 14th!

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