Save Even More on these Gargoyle Figurines until Friday, May 11th

Silas the Sentry Gargoyle SculptureThe gargoyle is one of the more interesting art themes to have come out of Europe during the Middle Ages. Way back then, these intimidating, frightening looking sculptures were actually considered to be functional works of art. They weren't placed on churches and castles because clergy and royalty had a particular penchant for horror-themed objets d'art. No, gargoyles were used to scare away evil spirits and other would be foes. Some were also used to help siphon water off roofs or even pour boiling oil on enemies besieging the castle.

Such uses are no longer needed during modern times but that hasn't diminished the popularity of using gargoyles for decorations.  Whether following a Gothic theme in the garden or simply looking for a detailed, unique statue for the inside of a home or business, gargoyles act as classic decor.

As part of the Virtual Warehouse sale at Design Toscano, you can also get 20% off any on sale gargoyles until Friday, May 11th. This includes such popular statues as the muscular Silas the Sentry Gargoyle and the classic Florentine Gargoyle Statue. Both make for excellent conversation pieces inside or in the garden of any home or business.

Order these and other on sale garden statuary until Friday, May 11th and get 20% off!

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