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Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped TableAncient Egypt hosted one of the first great civilizations of the world. Although the line of the pharaohs turned to desert dust nearly two thousand years in the past, the monuments they left behind continue to leave thousands of people awe-struck to this day. Those of us who visit the great pyramids of Giza marvel at the ancient's ability to build such massive structures. Monuments like the pyramids and the Sphinx are so impressive that not a few people wonder if the ancient Egyptians had help from aliens or used unknown technologies whose secrets were lost in antiquity.

The gilded decorations of Egyptian tombs and beauty of hieroglyphics are so admired and classic that we continue to celebrate the Egyptian theme with a variety of beautiful items. The Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped Table pays homage to the exquisite, breathtaking beauty of King Tut's sarcophagus and the four pillars of Luxor. Glass-topped to ensure that the beauty of this functional objet d'art is never obscured from sight, it also has a secret compartment for storing your own treasures.

Buy this beautiful Egyptian home decor, other Egyptian decorations, and garden statuary between Saturday, August 4th, and Sunday, August 5th, and pay nothing to ship them to your home!

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