Scary, Prehistoric Garden Statuary

Velociraptor, Jurassic-sized Dinosaur StatueBirds are fascinating. They come in many colors, sing pleasant songs, and most of all, they fly! It's hard to believe that they are the living descendents of some groups of dinosaurs when you compare the feathered beauty of a macaw to the big claws and sharp teeth of a velociraptor but as far as scientists know, this does appear to be the case. Lucky for us, dinosaurs evolved into the feathered creatures that visit the bird bath and bird feeder instead of continuing to be monstrous predators like the T-Rex.

It wouldn't do to have a huge carnivore making visits to the backyard but if that does happen to be one of your fantasies, we can sort of make that happen with a realistic, eleven foot tall sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Although it's about half the size of the real apex predator that roamed the American west, it's still big and detailed enough to fascinate and intimidate any visitors to your backyard or business.

For a slightly smaller but even scarier reminder of the "thunder lizards" that used to dominate our world, pair that T-Rex with our life-size Velociraptor statue. This unique animal yard statue is so detailed that it looks as if it's going to jump into deadly action at any moment!

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