Searching for Sasquatch and Finding a Bigfoot Statue

Bigfoot the Giant Life-size Yeti StatueSasquatch or Bigfoot is a fantastic legend. Unlike tiny fairies and monsters that can hide out in deep, dark lakes, Bigfoot is a huge, towering creature that wanders through the wild woodlands of North America. It leaves massive footprints wherever it walks, has been glimpsed by hundreds of people on the darkest of nights, and even reveals itself with howls that send shivers up the spines of even the most stalwart of woodsmen. The absence of definitive proof in the face of numerous sightings and evidence makes this creature a true enigma. In fact, the legend of Bigfoot is so enduring that believers have even formed Bigfoot study and research groups.

Armed with the latest in infrared technology and night vision goggles, they head out into the night in the wildest of places to howl like Bigfoot and search for an encounter. Some say they get a response while others come up with nothing. Whether Sasquatch roams the wilds of America or not, a much easier way to find it is by ordering a Big Foot Garden Statue. Although we won't deny or state that we got a Sasquatch to pose for the sculpture, we will say that it's the most realistic Bigfoot animal yard statue available.

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