Serve Snacks and Drinks with this Outdoor Garden Sculpture

The warm weather turns many a backyard into the most popular "room" in the house. Why dine indoors Black Forest Bear Pedestal Tablewhen you can enjoy creative meals surrounded by the beauty of your garden? Accompany the daily paper or a book with your favorite drink in the lovely outdoors right behind your home. It becomes that much more appealing and fun when decorated with animal garden sculptures or statuary that follows a theme. The right garden decor can also provide a fun, exciting atmosphere for another Spring and Summer essential: the backyard party.

The pleasant temperatures make it all too easy to throw wonderful soirees in your garden. Show guests the Egyptian decorations inside your home but make the backyard the focus of the party. Adorn the garden with unique items from Design Toscano and guests will marvel over your decorations. While admiring your beautiful, detailed lion statues, you can also serve them snacks and drinks with the Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table. The bear's comical expression on this realistic sculpture will make it a hit at all of your garden parties. With outstretched arms holding a table top above its head, it serves your favorite drinks and Summer snacks.

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