Shop at The Basil Street Gallery for Unique, Elegant Tabletop Accents

Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated StatueHome decor comes in many forms. Buy elegant, artistic furniture for the living room and it becomes automatically decorated with functional works of art. Hang a beautiful frieze over the fireplace and your den can take on a truly royal appearance. Other types of decor are smaller and suited for desks and tabletops. These smaller items are essential for adding details that are an expression of elegance and exquisite taste and the best place to find them is in our Basil Street Collection.

Browse Basil Street to look for stunning, beautiful items like the Berkshire Hall Fine Ceramic Urn. Whether used to hold something or not, the eye-catching, gorgeous blue and faux gold colors, and intricate claw-footed base turns this urn into a fantastic piece of regal decor. Match it with other royal blue and gold items like the Eye of Horus Ceramic Vase.

Elegance is also expressed with the Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue. This work of art provides soft, romantic lighting held by twin sculptures of two elegant maidens. It can be appreciated from every angle and is decorated with tiny faux jewels. Add soft lighting to another room with the beautiful Goddess of the Stars Art Deco Illuminated Statue.

Order any of these charming items and resin garden statues by the end of today, February 17th, and pay nothing for shipping!

Free shipping is only availablefor items that incur normal shipping costs.

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