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If you're a fan of animal garden sculptures in your yard, take your interest above and beyond by adding a prehistoric statue to your collections!

The T-Rex Dinosaur Garden Sculpture is a detailed depiction of the real thing from many years ago.
At over two feet high, this Jurassic-sized replica promises to prowl your flowerbed with impact! Realistically sculpted with rows of menacing teeth, a fearsome tail and scaly skin, our prehistoric artifact is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture. Visitors will admire your creative garden style as T-Rex makes a Mesozoic statement! 
Gigantic Dinosaur Bone Sculpture
Be your own garden paleontologist with our humongous Jurassic fossil, the Gigantic Dinosaur Bone Sculpture.
Tell your neighbors that you “found this while in Africa’s Great Rift Valley!” Though we haven’t quite determined just which species of dinosaur it is, we do know that this ultimate garden artifact is over 3½ feet of quality designer resin and able to rival those unearthed by any British paleontologist. Plant our exclusive faux dinosaur bone in the garden or near Nanna’s doghouse as a fun discovery for friends and family alike!

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