Sirens, Angel Statues and Gargoyles

Browse the Design Toscano Basil Street Gallery for statues, artwork, wall pieces and more that are of museum quality and in many cases exclusive.  A popular figure is the Baroque Seraphim Angel Statue a replica of an angel from the period of Enlightenment.  The artist, Gian Lorenzo Bemini, was known for creating drama in his statues and this lovely angel is pointing directly to heaven with her eyes focused below.  The piece is finished in verdigis bronze.

Merciless, the Gargoyle Lighted Wall SculptureOur marble busts for sale collection is very large and has items from all different periods and decors.  Naturally these are now all at great prices.  A wonderfully useful and beautiful piece in this collection is the Sirens of the Deep Bonded Natural Marble Urn.  This urn stands almost a foot tall and is created out of bonded natural marble.  The sculpture is of a group of beautiful mermaids living in the deep sea with intricately detailed coral and sea creatures surrounding them.

The collection that we have of gargoyle figurines is at times comic, often scary and always done in exquisite detail.  Gargoyles are posed doing many useful things and  Merciless, the Gargoyle Lighted Wall Sculpture, has one of our most ferocious gargoyles is lighting your way while he guards your castle.  The artist has given us a muscular, fierce faced gargoyle with large wings carrying an orb of light.  A little creepy and yet fun.

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