Sit Like Royalty in Medieval Home Decor

San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame ChairChairs can be simple, wooden, seats sans frills or they can be regal, sculpted thrones. Both types of chairs were used during Medieval times but only the royalty could afford thrones and chairs that doubled as sculpted works of art. In modern times, the average person can afford to sit in royal splendor at gorgeous Gothic tables. No need to rest in simple uncomfortable chairs when you can lounge in luxury in the beautiful San Lorenzo Renaissance Cross-Frame Chair. Modeled after chairs that were reserved for nobility and other members of the ruling class in medieval Italy, this striking piece of furniture is made of polished hardwood and shows sculpted lion's heads on its arms. Use it as a throne when watching your favorite shows, playing cards, or entertaining guests.

You can treat your guests like royalty with this authentic replica of the  Lord Cumberland Throne. This solid, wide cushioned seat is regally carved in the Georgian style and has a comfortable, hand-tacked leather cushion. Since Lord Cumberland needed a chair that was equally fit for both visiting kings and queens, he had one spindle carved in the likeness of a king's head and the other depicting a queen.

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