Skulls and Sculpture for Halloween


Skulls Spire Lighted Sculpture Now is the perfect time to look for garden items that have more of a Halloween feel to them.  Instead of buying a nicely designed and lovely tortoise statue, how about picking up a gargoyle or even buy both.  The Winston Gargoyle Sculpture comes in three sizes and is just ready to put a little scare in your yard.  Done in designer resin with a gray finish, this guy is great at putting the trick into trick or treat.

While they have some similarities to our wonderful garden fairies, the witches that we have brought out for this Halloween season are not quite as innocent.  One that is a real eye catcher is the Mistress Raven Sculpture.  Yes, she has fantastic wings, but she is a little like a fairy gone Goth with her dark eyes, black high heel boots, long black gloves and little else.  She’s 11 inches of sheer mistress of the dark.

Many of you have bought some of our furniture which is a little out of the ordinary like our Egyptian tables or things medieval.  Now that Halloween is on the way we have the perfect lighting item for you to place on these tables.  We present the Skulls Spire Lighted Sculpture which is a 2 ft. tower of skulls with a orb light on top.  Our skulls are sculpted with the same detail and love that our artists use on other sculpture and would be just perfect at your Halloween party.

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