Slightly Different Outdoor Statues

Celtic Circle of Life StatueWe have highlighted many of the male gods and fighter statues from the Greek times so now it is time for the Beautiful Ladies of Greece statues.  The Greeks made statues of many of their goddesses and most of them were not wearing clothes.  This highlighted their beauty even more.  The Goddess Aurora Statue is a tall figure depicting the Goddess dancing with swirling scarves. 

Our knight statues, many of which are indoor statues, bring the medieval times back to life.  If you are doing a medieval theme in your garden and are looking for outdoor statues in addition to a knight or two, you might like this large Celtic Circle of Life Statue which adds the Celtic component of medieval life to your décor. 

Ibo-Odo, the Garden PygmyOur Greenmen collection is totally different and unusual with statues that become faces on trees and strange faces on wall spaces.  The Winthrop Manor Greenman Door Knocker will dress up your front door in a different way.  An outdoor sculpture that fits well with the quirkiness of the collection is Ibo-Odo the Garden Pygmy Statue is totally original with Design Toscano, and will add fun to your garden.

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