Some Beautiful New Décor from the Basil Street Gallery

Baroque Medallion Metal Wall ClockDecor is something that needs to be changed now and then. Although we all have our favorite interior decor items that we don't want to put back into storage, those should at least be moved to another room or placed in a different spot from time to time. Then there are the items that need to be replaced because they no longer fit into the overall decorating scheme or could be replaced by something that looks a lot better. The best place to find those much needed new decor items is the Basil Street collection. There are hundreds of high quality unique decorations in Basil Street with new additions to the gallery on a regular basis.

The Bali Lotus Wall Frieze is just one of the many new wall decor items in Basil Street. This intricate resin piece is a replica of beautiful carvings found on Bali used to represent rebirth, renewal, and good fortune. The sacred lotus is the main focus of this sculpture and is portrayed with artistic beauty amid an intriguing design of flowers and vines.

Other new, wonderfully detailed items include the Baroque Medallion Metal Wall Clock and the Cherub Harvest Wall Sculptures. Both of these elegant items are exquisite decor for a distinguished home and reflect the quality of the fine decor found in Basil Street.

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