Some Indoor Plants Deserve to be Placed on a Pedestal

The best decorating blends various types of decor that compliment each other to bring a room to life. The Praying Basilica Angel StatueWhen you employ framed wall art, a piece of hand-crafted furniture or two, and sculptures, the end results can easily elicit "wows" from every guest. The same goes for the backyard. Place a few animal garden statues in strategic spots and a stone garden angel near the back door and your backyard will take on new personality.

Plants also play a crucial role in backyard decor. Whether growing in pots, planted in rows, or growing naturally, flowering bushes and trees provide that living greenery that every backyard needs. There's no reason why plants shouldn't also be used inside the home. They cheer up a room, freshen the air with extra oxygen, and add life to any room. However, you can't just leave potted plants on the floor. Some look great when hung from a hook in the ceiling but pedestals are the best way to display your favorite indoor plants. They will look particularly regal when placed on the winged lion pedestal.

Use plenty of plants in the backyard to compliment garden cherub statues but don't forget to place one or two on a pedestal inside your home. Buy these and other decor from Design Toscano on February 29th and get 25% off the regular price!

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