Statues of Gods and Dinosaurs

Confucius Garden SculptureDesign Toscano has many statues of many different religions, such as our Buddha outdoor statues.  Many people like to create a meditation garden and these statues from many different religions add to the peace and spirituality of the space.  On such outdoor statue is the Confucius Garden Statue.  This statue is from the ancient Chinese religion of Confuscianism.  This is a two foot, well detailed statue of Confucius with a finish that has the look of ivory and is also a Design Toscano exclusive.

Browsing our marble busts for sale section, you will discover many wonderful statues, busts and other sculpture for great prices.  In keeping with the theme of the god or goddess statue, we have Themis, Blind Justice Bonded Marble Statue.  This is another one of our great exclusive sculptures and is the Greek goddess of justice done in bonded marble and holding the scales of justice made of faux gold.

We love to have fun with our sculptures and to have statues that will make your yard just a bit different from your neighbor’s.  Certainly our big foot statue and large dinosaur statues are a fine example of a little quirkiness for the yard.  If you would perhaps like a slightly smaller piece for a side garden with a little style, you might take a look at our Raptor Skeleton Garden Sculpture.  He is 2 feet long and has the look of an ancient dinosaur skeleton just recently excavated. 

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