Statues on the Dark Side

The Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall SculptureThere are many different styles and tastes when it comes to décor and some people prefer to decorate on more on the dark side, sort of a goth style.  We have many extraordinary statues like our Bigfoot statue which are scary, but for the macabre you might like something such as The Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture now on sale.  She is a gorgeous and deadly vampire created by artist Gary Chang, with great bat wings and all the style an exclusive wall hanging should have.

Of course gargoyles were made to be on the dark side and scare off intruders, although our gargoyle Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Statuefigurines are a little nicer than the ancient ones.  Nothing says "Welcome to my yard" better than the Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame Statue.  Talk about an exclusive, Design Toscano has been the only company granted permission to do a direct cast of this marvelous gargoyle which is at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The greenmen collection at Design Toscano has many characters that live a bit on the dark side, at least on the dark side of the tree.  There is nothing darker than the Poison Ivy Forest Witch: Greenmen Wall Sculpture.  Fortunately you cannot really contract poison ivy from this unique wall piece.

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