Statues to Liven Up a Garden

Tortoise statueIn a bed of flowers, just in the grass or in a stone or tile yard section, a tortoise statue is a cute, creative addition to outdoor décor.  The very largest tortoise statue, the Galapagos Tortoise Statue, is more than five feet with incredibly lifelike features.  Children will love to play around and sit on this cute guy. Not everyone has enough space for him so there is our smallest tortoise, Aesop's Turtle Cast Iron Statue, only 10" long can easily fit into a restful Zen garden as an Asian symbol of longevity and peace.  Of course, there are several tortoises sized in between to suit every need.

Tiger sculpture is so charming and so unusual that it will always draw a compliment.  Whether you choose the totally adorable Tiger Cub, or a larger tiger such as the Sumatran Tiger, your Power and Grace Sumatran Tiger Sculptureoutdoor space will have a certain touch of India.  Your choice is unlimited from sleeping tigers to prancing cubs.
In continuation of an animal theme, take a look at the Meerkat statues. 

The Meerkat Clan Statue, is a wonderful family of meerkats that come with their own log, grass and stream.  They are just out for a playful romp.  The Kalahari Meerkat Statues: Into the Hole, and Out of the Hole, placed on opposing sides of the yard will never cease to surprise everyone.

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