Statues with a Smile

Mrs. Bloom Solid Bronze Wall PlaqueMany of our outdoor statues bring a smile to those seeing them and many have smiles of their own.  The greenman collection always has the unusual wall fixtures that just brighten up any area.  Our Mrs. Bloom Solid Bronze Wall Plaque is beautiful in her own way and is sporting a little smile not unlike the Mona Lisa.  She will keep her eye on your garden and on everything else going on and bring a little joy to the outdoor area.

Our Greek garden statues are certainly not all male but include some of the most beautiful women in the world.  One statue that is guaranteed to get a lot of attention in your yard or patio is Lyre's Siren Harp Player.  A devastating beauty of ancient Greece is playing the harp bringing cheer and serenity to all around her.  She is a Design Toscano exclusive.

Another charming girl with a smile is part of our collection of outdoor garden water fountains.  This is Abigail's Bountiful Apron Fountain.  Abigail is a child of the Victorian era catching water in her lifted apron from which the water flows off.  She'll bring a smile to everyone.

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