Stone Garden Angel: Buy It or Make One?

The Praying Basilica Angel StatueAngel statues don't just grace cathedrals, churches, and cemeteries. Sculptures of those celestial beings also look right at home in just about any backyard. They can add a sense of peace and comfort to your place and are among the most classic of garden statuary decor. It's no surprise that a lot of people love angel statues and some of us are tempted to make our own. We might get that idea from arts and craft magazines or simply because we love to create artistic decor for the home but when it comes to angel statues, you are much better off just buying them.

Making a beautiful angel statue for the garden is nothing like weaving, quilting, crafting home decor, or even wood carving. It requires a knowledge of either sculpting marble or knowing how to work with and make statues of carefully engineered resins. Once the resin statue cools and hardens, you also have to know how to paint it to give it a faux stone finish. Such endeavors are far from easy to accomplish and require a great deal of skill and training. In other words, it's the type of thing that is best left to artists and experts that create such beautiful and affordable works as the Praying Basilica Angel Statue or the amazing Monteverde Angel Statue.

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