Stone Garden Angel Wall Decor

Statues of angels are a standard, classic addition to most gardens. No matter what the decorating theme may be, they fit in surprisingly well perhaps because they exhibit a blend of mysticism and otherworldly peace. Angels also come Angel of Grace Bas-Relief Wall Sculpturein more forms than most people realize. In addition to the classic, statuesque and majestic angels that grace the ramparts and entranceways to European cathedrals, there are angels in mourning, and sleeping cherubs.

There are also depictions of heavenly beings that are sculpted into wall decor and these make for exquisite decorations indeed. The Thoughts of an Angel Sculptural Wall Roundel is one such work of art. This simply beautiful wall decor is made timeless with rounded gentle lines, and peaceful details. Whether displayed on a quiet garden wall or in the intimacy of the home, it will act as elegant, lovely, angelic decor.

The Angel of Grace Bas-Relief Wall Sculpture is another item that blends the classic beauty of the stone angel statue with the elegance of detailed wall decor. This 18 by 12 inch bas-relief sculpture is a majestic decoration fit for a prominent place of honor on the wall of any room. This high quality replica of a work of art done by German artist Carl George Barth is an exquisite addition to a dining room or living room.

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