Summer is the Time for Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Pondering Cupid Garden FountainThere are decorations for every season. Garland around the windows and pumpkins on the porch are unheard of during the warm, lazy days of June whereas fountains are usually turned off as soon as the weather starts to dip into the 60's. After the water is turned off, their basins fill with the detritus of autumn and it's as if fountains go to sleep for the winter. They can still act as beautiful resin garden statues but they become that and nothing more. However, when the temperature start to rise again, fountains come back to life as centerpieces for gardens across Canada and the USA.

No longer the inanimate statue of winter, fountains laugh with bubbling water as it rushes through the veins of the sculpture. Birds visit to splash and cool off in the basin and the sound of the water becomes as soothing as the sight is refreshing.

The Pondering Cupid Garden Fountain demonstrates why fountains are more than either art or function. That blend is beautifully shown in this classical replica of an eighteenth century fountain.

Fountains that follow nature-inspired themes also work well in just about any backyard. The Rocky Mountain Splash Black Bears Garden Fountain will be a reminder that animals enjoy the summer months just as much as people.

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