Tables: Just a Little Bit Different

The Kasbah Camel Sculptural Side TableTables are necessary in all parts of the home, inside and outside and also come in many different designs.  There are simple tables which are just wood or acrylic with four legs and a top, but for a unique table you need to come to Design Toscano.  In our Egyptian tables collection, we have many diverse tables such as the Kabash Camel Sculptural Side Table.  This sculpture of a kneeling camel with his saddle used as a table top or even a footstool is well detailed and a colorful addition to any room.

The medieval theme has taken over the movies and TV and why not your living room or den as well.  We have many outstanding knights and medieval artifacts that would make a great theme room.  In the gothic tables area there is nothing more interesting than our Battle-Worthy Knight Sculptural Table.  Here is a knight in full battle dress with his sword drawn and his arm held high so that an 18 inch glass table top is balanced on it and his head.  He gives the impression of being ready to fight at any moment.

We have some many cute animals doing all sorts of things like our meerkat sculpture.  For a little table we have the Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table which is a cute little black forest bear sitting up straight and tall so he can hold drinks and snacks on the piece of wood on balanced on his head. 

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